Ruby adhesive™

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Why Ruby adhesive™
Ruby adhesive™ is perfect for beginners to master lash artists! With thin viscosity and flexibility, it gives the lash artist a quick response time between dipping the extension and placing extension on natural lash.


Why using the right lash adhesive will make or break your lash set?

Having an adhesive that has a quick dry-time and prolongs lash retention will not only help cut down application time, but it will also give your clients longer-lasting lashes! Our Ruby adhesive™ gives you a smooth consistency with a quick bonding time.


3.5-week retention using the Ruby adhesive™


What's NOT in our lash adhesive

High fumesOur Ruby adhesive™ main ingredient is ethyl which has little to no fumes compared to other lash brands whose main ingredient Methyl which has high fumes.

Formaldehyde- it is a dangerous substance that should be purified during a process called chromatography. If not, adhesives can contain an excessive amount of formaldehyde which can heighten the risk for an allergic reaction in your clients. 


What/who is this adhesive suitable for?

-Classic lashes, hybrid lashes, volume lashes, and mega-volume lashes

-First-time clients, sensitive clients, long-time clients, experienced clients

-Beginning lash artists, moderate lash artists, and advanced lash artists


Take your worries away with the best lash adhesive on the market!

By spending less time bonding your lashes, you'll have more time in your day to take on more clients with equals more revenue!

Also, having aches or pains from lashing for long periods? With less time spent on each client, you will have a shorter workday and will be able to relieve yourself from the aches!

Inhaling a lot of fumes can cause health issues for you and your clients overtime, so using our adhesive will lessen the chances drastically of that happening!


Is this adhesive right for you?

*1 second dry time (depending on climate)

*Up to 7-week retention (real reviews vouch)

*Thin viscosity 

*Best stored in fridge (recommended in mini fridge on 2-3 temp)

*Best temperature 68-75.2 Degrees F (20-24C)

*35-65% humidity recommended